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Donald International

edited October 2012 in Donaldisme

I en e-post til medlemmer av Donaldistene skriver Sam von Zoest om et nytt onlineprosjekt som han kaller Donald International. Det virker som konseptet hans er å lage et onlinemagasin over alt som foregår i donaldistiske miljøer over hele kloden. Til å begynne med ønsker han å finne ambassadører fra alle lande som kan gi bidrag til magasinet, dernest gode artikkelforfattere. Dere kan se mer på http://donaldinternational.com

----- Original Message -----
From: Sam van Zoest
To: post@donaldistene.no
Sent: Friday, October 26, 2012 2:40 AM
Subject: Fanzine: Donald International


My name is Sam van Zoest, a Dutch Duck fan. I am working on a project called Donald International, and I am wondering if you would be interested in contributing. Donald International is an experimental online, magazine. Much like an e-book. Its goal is to unite Duck fans, artists and publishers all over the globe.

Other than with traditional fanzines and Donaldistic publications, Donald International focuses heavily on news coverage in countries where the Duck’s adventures are being publicated. Examples are Holland, Italy, Scandinavian countries, Germany, etc. By having one or more so-called ambassadors per country, we try to create an actual overview of the Duck universe. What is happening where and when? Is there a museum exhibition about Donald in Holland? Or a Donaldism meeting in Denmark? Or does one of the craziest Duck-collectors of the world live in Germany? You can read all in Donald International! That’s the idea. By creating an independent, free, online magazine, everything Duck related can be shared and accessed by everyone in the world - in one place! The project isn't about replacing current fanzines and clubs. It's about uniting people.

As said, this is an experimental project. Within a few weeks I hope to publish the first issue, which will be spread via the website. It's a pilot, and if enough people like it, more issues will follow. I am currently running the project on my own and looking for editors and ambassadors. I currently found an American, Danish and Italian organization willing to contribute. Being an ambassador of your country would mean that you provide the magazine with information about any Donald Duck news items happening in your country. This is a voluntary job, as it is a non-profit project.

An overview of the first issue could look like this:
Editorial: What is Donald International? - by editor-in-chief)
Meet the ambassadors (Short introduction of every ambassador with a photo: the German ambassador tells about himself, then the Finnish, etc.)
Feature: Ducks around the globe (Article about the globalization of the Ducks: what are they called in Italy? How does the Greek publication look like? Do they appear on television in Spain, as they do in Holland?)
News (Short news, what’s happening where? Every ambassador contributes by providing some news from his country)
Interview (With a comic artist)
Report (A report of - for example - the Dutch Donald Duck exhibition in the museum)
Background check (History of a Duck-character. Who created him? Where does he appear?)
Fan art (Comics and drawings by fans)
Donaldistic research article (A typical Donaldistic research article. For example the history of Duckburg, or the discussion about its location, etc.)
Interview with a fan or collector
I attached a preview cover, to give an idea of what an issue would look like.

The website is now online, although not public yet. You can access http://donaldinternational.com by using 'donald' as username and 'duck' as password.

I am also looking for editors who would like to write articles for the magazine, and conduct interviews with artists, fans, etc. I am currently approaching admins and editors of all big fansites and indexes of every country. If you are interested in writing, researching, drawing or if you feel like contributing to the magazine in any other way, please let me know!

Best regards,
Sam van Zoest

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